From Sweet Pea’s Students…

I found a yoga and new mom home at Sweet Pea during my first pregnancy, and I'm back during my second pregnancy for more! I take a weekly yoga class I love, and I definitely recommend the 6 week Child Birth Ed classes. Everything I've done at Sweet Pea helped me feel ready for my first birth. And Jenny's massages are magical - she's the only person I trust during pregnancy to ease my discomforts. I had recent hip/pelvis and back pain, and the relief after was incredible. Highly recommend!

The infant/new mom support was invaluable - JOC's lactation station and workshops were so helpful. I've also taken an infant massage workshop - I've passed along a lot of the info I've learned here, and I highly recommend Sweet Pea's to pregnant friends!

I don't know why I've never reviewed Sweet Pea's...random thoughts at 2am when insomnia is at its highest! :)

I enrolled in a Mommy & Me yoga class with my newborn son, Austin, 4 years ago, and though that was so long ago...I had no time or energy to write reviews back then, so here I am! :) 

Sweet Pea's Yoga and Jenny saved my fiancé's life on many occasions when I had my first child. Not only was this studio so welcoming, calming, and carefree; it was a judge free zone and felt a lot like group therapy at times, which was so needed! Everyone felt so comfortable sharing their experiences and difficulties as new Moms. 

The Mommy and Me Infant yoga class was the highlight of my week back then, and clearly has still left an impression some odd years later.  It was my first experience with yoga, and helped me develop a lifelong activity to do with my children. 

I was bummed when my son grew into toddler age...we were waiting for awhile for another Toddler Mommy & Me to start again but I guess the demand just wasn't high enough, so I eventually stopped checking about it. :( I would have loved to continue going. 

So happy for their continued success!

All that stands between you and relaxation/healing are 3 little words: Jennifer Barron Fishman!!!! 
I have been going to Jenny for massage for about a year and a half, I received a gift certificate from a friend-best gift ever- to connect with such a gentle, nurturing, loving massage therapist! Jenny listens to what you say is hurting, fixes those spots and many you didn't even know were tight!! I leave my appointment relaxed and feeling amazing, physically and emotionally! 
Best hands and heart in town! SERIOUSLY!