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Feeling the Feels of Winter…

Here we are again, another winter in Chicago. It has already proven itself to be “one for the record books”. Last week we had 20 below zero and lots of snow, then 3 days later, 48 degrees above zero and all the snow melted away. These extreme fluctuations are so challenging to stay balanced within. I find myself feeling all the feels…cozy and happy snuggling in my warm home with my family. Cooking, making bread, singing along to my Joni Mitchell playlist. Then the next thing I know, I am feeling the deep sadness of a month of dark days, mucky, dirty streets and little end in sight to the darkening days. This happens EVERY YEAR. I shouldn’t be surprised by it…but again, I am.

This is an opportunity to reconnect with a fundamental teaching from the Yoga Sutras…Yoga helps us balance the fluctuations of the “mindstuff”. I shouldn’t be surprised that the fluctuations of the “mindstuff” can still be so topsy turvy. The mindstuff can be like the weather in Winter, one minute content and cozy, the next mucky and dark. The PRACTICE is to settle into the stillness of the in between, to spend less energy on being attached to one or the other. Knowing that attaching too much to the cozy and content will only make it that much more challenging when the weather changes, (which is what weather does), and I find myself resentful or resistant to the “what is”. Just as succumbing to the doldrums of a grey day makes it difficult for me to notice the joy of a moment. For example, the other morning in the bitter cold, I had to take my little pooch out. Grumbling and surly, I almost missed seeing the most beautiful bright red cardinal flying between the bushes in our courtyard. Despite my negative thinking, there was beauty. My heart settled. I felt like myself again.

The mindstuff is the weather, the climate is our True Nature. It would make sense then that the weather becomes more extreme and chaotic when the climate is challenged, damaged, robbed of nourishment and bombarded with toxins. Our True Nature needs attention. We need to take the extra steps to nourish, repair, balance ourselves. Settle into your TRUE NATURE with all your resources. Resist succumbing to the fluctuations of the weather of the mindstuff. Rest, eat nourishing, warming foods, move your body, and be still within the rapid changes of emotional storms and upheavals. That’s the practice.

The mindstuff is the weather, the climate is our true nature. If we release the attachments to having everything just as we want it, will we have a better chance of receiving what we need when it arrives? Maybe so. That Rolling Stones songs comes to mind…”You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.”